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Festivities in Committee Room Five

August 20, 2015


Newport Pagnellshire Social Care Majestum proudly announces the launch of this year’s pantomime: Deidre Trussell & the Person Centred Dwarves.

See our very own viral director take on the leadership role of running a supported living scheme for 7 challenging service users of diminished stature.

Marvel at our O Champion, Bob Bibb cutting the wood from the chaffe as he wins the heart of our leading heroine.

Scare yourself witless at the cruel antics of our wicked Queen as she plots with her stakeholders to bankrupt the Dwarves through creative use of the fairer charging policy.

Have your heart lifted by the endearing one page profiles of the seven Dwarves: Innovator, Exnovator, Enabler, Passionate, Champion, Vanguard & Commissioner.

Sing yourself hoarse to the classics: “Heigh Ho. It’s off to an ATU we go”, ” Whistle while you Access the Community” and “Someday my Care Planner Will Come”.

This production will be sponsored by one of our valued providers, Precious Aspirations Care.

All proceeds will go to me.

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  1. Pauline Thomas permalink

    Mark you are bloody funny.

    Actually although your send up of the social service world is hilarious, it is also remarkably accurate. We are, after having our son at home with us for the last five years, having to re-engage with them again. The reality of this is certainly not funny. It is terrifying.

  2. weary mother permalink

    Pauline and Mark
    This is certainly so.

    Many years ago a social worker could be involved in our lives for a chat and shared cup of tea. The rest was up to us. They operated from a distance. Some were nice. But we all knew they had power if we slipped up.

    Care managers have quite a different role and degree of power over us and ours. All the evangelical inclusion and improvement ‘dwarves’ above, mask this power. Power that is massive compared to that of the individual of ago who, in ban the bomb stickered car, jangling car keys and hugging a diary arrived late ‘dying for a cup of herbal tea… and popped in so very rarely.

    The LA has massive power. The care manager has massive power. The imbalance between them and us is humungous. Care manager can have minimal experience, yet has power to allocate misery and danger or safety and security, to a vulnerable stranger in minutes. At same time terrify or reassure us for another year, freshly humbled or grateful but always and fearful, parents. A new operational manager with compassion and competence, can lift our dread, their replacement focused on budget cut or promotion can inflict yet more punishing fear… Any challenge by us to counter balance this power, steals our energy and years of our lives and fills us with ever constant anxiety, and crippling fear; for our powerless sons and daughters. Anger at all this… only….. eats us.

    There is a giant with real name POWER, looming with arms spread wide over everything in your pantomime Mark, it eats lives and thrives on fear, while the ‘dwarves dance….. on…… on ….

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