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Calm Songs – Not For Silly Heads

September 28, 2015

I’m not sure if it was a throwaway remark or a gauntlet being thrown but on Twitter the other day, somebody suggested that Steven compile the playlist for Sara and Rich to help them with the inquest which starts next week.

Steven knows what happened to LB and I told him that we needed to chose some songs for LB’s Mum and Dad who had a horrible job to do next week. I suggested that he chose songs that “keep us calm and make us smile”. Double checking, that he’s got the criteria, Steven asked, “Not songs for silly heads?” (Silly heads are what we have on during a meltdown or times of big anxiety).

Well. Steven’s turned this into a major project. The following morning, he woke me up at 5.30 to announce – “Dad – we’ll have Hello Dolly on LB’s music. Louis Armstrong singing”.

So, without further ado, here are Steven’s top 10 songs to keep us calm whilst we’re doing a horrible job.

  1. We’ll start with a bit of Agnetha. She doesn’t give Steven a silly head but she does make him go a bit soppy.

2. Up next, The Pet Shop Boys. I asked Steven why this was a calm song and he replied it was because Chris Lowe has got a nice jacket on.

3. Now, some Style Council. Because they’re singing on a bus.

4. As teased earlier, here’s a bit of Louis.

5. There has to be a Mr Bean connection. Here’s a track from Mr Bean’s Holiday.

6. Steven chose a bit of Beautiful South. Because ” Paul Heaton is massive calm on the elephant”.

7. Steven does like a man in a frock.  It was either this or Dame Edna doing Waltzing Matilda.

8. I knew he would chose this one. Don’t forget you have to change the words to “Al in his army tank” and “Betty Hislop”.

9. Some Coral. Because we sang this on the balcony of the Uxbridge house the day the Olympic torch came by.

10. I love it that Steven loves this track. His support worker taught him what the African lyrics mean. It’s a staple of the Wednesday morning disco.

11. One for the road. Steven’s not that impressed but he knows it makes his Dad smile.

We’ll be thinking of you next week Sara and Rich. Lots of love from Steven & Mark.

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  1. Love this selection. 🙂

  2. Deb. permalink

    Great choices Steven – bravo.!

  3. Jayne knight permalink

    I’ll listen to them today. Intrigued by some of them

  4. lisa permalink

    Haha, great choices Steven. I just remembered when my son peered in the door of another very serious meeting at school and said, ‘This town, is coming like a ghost town’ and walked off!
    No one else got it. Priceless.

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