It Doesn’t Float My Boat

My apologies. But I’m back onto the extraordinary actions of Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust again and what I suspect is my fruitless attempt to make some kind of sense of their relentless pursuit of behaving like complete tossers.

Let’s remember that for a few days before Christmas, they appeared on all the main news broadcasts and in the national press over the Mazars report into the appalling number of univestigated deaths of people with learning disabilities in their “care”. What should one expect under those circumstances? Well, for starters, I’d expect someone from somewhere to step in and do a cull of all the chief tossers who allowed such dreadful practice to happen on their watch. Then, perhaps, they would lie low and make sure that everything possible was being done to prevent such a scandal ever occurring again. With candour. With integrity.

Nope. Not on your Nelly. First off, they call an extraordinary board meeting. Here are the details:

An hour devoted to such a crucial issue seems a bit underwhelming to me. Even if, as we know by now, the patients don’t even register to Sloven, you’d think their obsession with reputation might have warranted a little more than an hour. The venue is key too. The Justice Shed did some digging and the venue only holds up to 16 people. Not much opportunity for “opening our doors to transparency” here. Perhaps it could be relayed over a tannoy to the crowds outside? And the start time? 8.30 in the morning? Who holds meetings of this importance at that time of the day? I know, Bubb does but come on, really. the way the whole meeting is presented shows that the usual spin is in full pelt and is attempting to turn a national scandal into a small hiccup.

You’d think that was enough wouldn’t you. Enough to swallow if you are trying to get to the bottom of why all these people have needlessly died. But no. The next day, your latest million pound consultancy project spews out it’s new viral quality innovation. Have a bucket handy and click on this link:

With all the appearance of a primary school project, Sloven decide that their “Plan” is best represented by a flotilla of boats! HMS Quality, Money & Access lead the flotilla, followed by two transformation boats. Bringing up the rear (literally) are the three enabler boats. It doesn’t make any sense at all. It offends. It enrages. It might win an award.

I’m really struggling to get my head round the current NHS presentation. An enormous amount of money went into publicising their single and the push for it to be the Christmas Number One. I can’t stop my unease that the NHS was being presented like a charity. It worked. The first time for years, the winner of the X Factor wasn’t top of the Christmas pops. Then we’ve got the big Change Agents, “Change is Changing” stuff. Writing on underpants. Rocking the boat but staying inside it (Boats again). Collecting the apples as they fall from the cart. What the bloody hell is going on?

The soul dies to distract from hundreds of learning disabled people dying.

I’d love to put all this in the hands of Dennis Potter. I know I’ve used the analogy before but it puts me in mind of his play Blue Remembered Hills and the casting of grown up actors to play young kids with dreadful consequences. Southern Health is like the other way round. They all are. It’s like appointing Class 2B to run the country. And we swallow it.

I have no idea.

7 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Float My Boat”

  1. I thought the same as you. 8.30???? Conference room??? This is an exercise in box ticking – demonstrate to any official scrutineers we have addressed the matter in a timely fashion.
    What this actually demonstrates, is that, with regard to Justice for LB & people involved in the campaign, most notably Sara Ryan herself, the board & CEO have adopted a game-playing, point-scoring approach and have lost sight of their serious professional responsibilities.
    At the start of the campaign I had a glimmer of hope that some decent, thoughtful member(s) of the board would draw the core issue back to the attention of the others and lose the focus on personalities and confrontation.
    I have lost that hope now. Southern Health have descended into a tit-for-tat scrap with a group of people they stereotype as trouble-makers. They have stopped seeing them as worthy of any kind of dignity or serious consideration (if they ever did).
    In a way it reflects their dehumanizing attitude to the LD people in their care.
    “Huston (read Justice Shed) we certainly have a problem!”

    1. No one, from the very top, to the very bottom, no matter their number, designation , expertise, or title, is allowed to act, judge, or comment individually.

      This, and all ‘care’ and ‘treatment’ policies for the learning disabled/ autistic etc, is a very tightly orchestrated cabal.

      Public Relations savvy, media supported, risk assessed, all powerful, and unaccountable.

      With the control, and determination of a Roman army, or, a 1984 foot, stamping on the face of humanity.

      They, have been allowed, over at least the last 20 years, to build up their army, infiltrate ranks, and completely take control.

      And, excepting for political and/or international condemnation are unstoppable.

  2. Come on BBC don’t let them off the hook. Guardian don’t be wimps. Lets have leader in the Observer this week? Panorama ? Channel 4 ? A play, a film, a book ? This outrage must be bellowed to the skies.

    ……they must not walk away again…… Gloating ? ….. from hurting and killing (by whatever means) thousands of the most vulnerable people in society, and then celebrating it over a wee pre work cup of coffee ? Back slaps all round chaps.
    This is grotesque.


    1. Worse still, if such huge numbers of deaths are not recorded, with causes, after a proper, independent investigation, what hope is there, for all those removed/disappeared by the MCA, now as a matter of LA policy, to private secret institutions, ( supported living with hospital), for maximum venture capital USA Rothschild profit for life, with no checks.

      This is ours, and our children’s future, and, its getting much, much worse, particularly, if such scandal, cannot even get into the media.

      It means, the UK, is now effectively silenced, and, its people, have no rights.

  3. Oh Lord, this stuff is beyond parody isn’t it? “The sea represents our Trust’s goal.” How, exactly? The energy, time and money that goes into dreaming up this stuff! Even Orwell would give up at trying to figure out what it actually means. (I suppose because it is, quite literally, meaningless.) It would be bad enough even if it wasn’t an attempt at putting a gloss on a huge mess of disintegrating “services”.

  4. same venue for the Spring Exec roadshows 29/02/2016 KP 12:30pm – 2 , she is hosting 31/03/2016 Abell House 1:30pm -3 . How just how .

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