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The Czar of Committee Room Five

December 31, 2015

As a new year dawns, the movers and shakers of Newport Pagnellshire Social Care Majestum are girding their loins for the challenges of 2016. Let’s make no bones about it – the social care landscape will look very different and who better to shape that landscape than our very own Deidre Trussell.

Riding on the back of her HSJ Inspirational CEO of 2015 award, Deidre has been awarded a Damehood in the New Years Honours list for services to Exnovating.

And now, following the Mazars report into the uninvestigated deaths of people with learning disabilities, the Minister has appointed Dame Deidre as the Czar of sorting this blemish out.

As Dame Deidre has pointed out, one thing that the commentators on the Mazars report have missed has been how successful all these untimely deaths have been in dealing with the social care funding crisis. That success has informed Czar Dame Deidre’s Vanguard team to prepare its initial consultation paper: “Care or Death – a financial feasibility study”. The potential and the efficiency savings of a recalibration of ” Expected, Natural Causes Death” is an area that offers fertile answers to increasingly tough financial challenges. We certainly don’t tolerate eugenics in this Majestum but let’s face it, facilitating deaths is a Darned sight cheaper than any poncy personalisation ideology. The DofHealth & NHS England have charged Dame Deidre with exploring this exciting potential and are reassured that our patients are in safe hands with Dame Deidre helming this ship.

It’s always good to have a Plan B, and inspired by her success in relocating Newport Pagnellshire’s entire stock of learning disabled people to Gravesend (New South Wales), Dame Deidre will be looking into rolling out a similar Nationwide scheme of Person Centred ATU expansion in Rankous. Syria. The sky’s the limit.

Either way, whether we go for Plan A (Death) or Plan B (Syria), the Majestum is confident of achieving the Government’s target of a zero spend social care expenditure by 2017. There is absolutely no reason why there should be a single person with a learning disability left in this country in twelve months time.

Thank you Mazars for showing the way.


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  1. Don’t say these things!!!! Tempting providence!!!!! You’ll give them ideas!
    (In 1970s radical American educators argued that the formal organisation of schools disadvantaged & damaged pupils from low backgrounds, so schooling should be made more open & flexible. Some Southern states viewed this as a justification for not funding schools more generously!)

  2. Trudy permalink

    Can just see it sold in glossy holiday brochure. ‘Trips for the altruistic non taxpayer’

    1. Mini break in Syria. Experience some of the interesting local customs. (return journey not included) a need)

    2. Access our wide range of last minute options and choices…..

  3. Trudy permalink

    I forgot to delete ‘a need’ on 1. Typo from draft.

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