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Rachel Stevens Is In Court Three

February 17, 2016

Steven is just doing his Wednesday morning disco and it’s reminded me of a story from back in 2011 that sums up the craziness of Planet Social Care for me.

He’s just been listening to Rachel Stevens singing Sweet Dreams My LA Ex. In his almighty catalogue of lookalikes, Steven thinks that Rachel looks like Sophy Miles, the official solicitor who represented him in court.

In my Dennis Potter style fantasy for Get Steven Home – The Movie, I have a scene where Sophy bursts into song as she pleads with Justice Peter Jackson that Steven’s Article 8  Human Rights have been breached.

Later on during the disco, Steven played The Beautiful South song “Good as Gold”. That brings up a less happy memory. In 2007, we were visited at home one day by Whistlers Mother. She asked Steven how he had been. Steven replied: “Steven Neary has been as good as gold but as stupid as mud”. I explained to her about the song. She was very interested in the stupid as mud bit, so he told her that he had thrown water at next door’s cat whilst we’d been in the paddling pool earlier. That led to a long discussion about the appropriateness of using a paddling pool at 16. More reports. More concern.

Two songs. Two women. One with a heart. One with a timebomb.


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  1. Cathy hodge permalink

    I think to many people forget how to enjoy life.
    Whistlers mother sounds like an dried up, joy less, old hag.
    Laugh Run and Play. No age restrictions.

    • Its not impossible, if you are a 24/7 carer, permanently being surveyed by all, with the Damocles Sword, of the removal of your most vulnerable loved one, to the horror of a private institution, where you cannot see or help them or remove them for life, hanging ever lower over your head..

      That is the really now, for most parents of the disabled today, so how can you laugh, run and play in these circumstance………. and how could you feel like doing so, although you would love not to be worried and persecuted so you could.

  2. weary mother permalink

    Some workers have swallowed the politically correct book whole, bypassing their brain.

  3. My comment should read ‘possible’ not impossible

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