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It’s 3500 People

February 24, 2016

You may have noticed that since the Bubb final report was published on Monday, I’ve been playing a variation of the old game If I Ruled The World. In this instance – If I Was Bubb’s LD Commissioner.

I’ve been sharing my thoughts in this blog and on social media and am struck by two things. Firstly, the amount of criticism that has been slung my way by people on the inside. It normally takes the form of – “You are too simplistic”, “You don’t understand how difficult most of these people are”, “You don’t see the bigger picture”. Fair enough?

Secondly, and this is where I’d like to tackle the criticism, is I’m still shocked by the long list I posted yesterday of all the organisations (48) involved in the Winterbourne View Concordat. I can’t get the images out of my head of them all sitting round a very large table talking about co-production, vanguards, all the stuff that organisations get caught up in.

The reason why those 48 organisations gathered together was 3500+ human beings stuck in ATUs or in patient services. Organisations assigned to deal with 3500 individuals. Could it ever succeed? Would it work if it was 3500 individuals dealing with 3500 human beings?

Just going off track for a moment, we often hear LA & CCG Commissioners exclaim that they can’t be certain of the actual numbers. Surely there is a simple (simplistic) answer to that: “You have a legal duty of care to these people. Go and find them. Now!” But in the absence of an exact figure, let’s work with 3500 for the time being. One other thing that seems to piss off the people on the inside is when I talk about the “social care industry”. Let’s face it, all those 48 organisations have become part of the social care industry (whether they wanted to or not). 3500 people in an ATU is a horrendous statistic but it is piddling when compared to the number of people in the industry. I’m sure that I read recently that there are currently 26000 people employed in administering DoLs. That’s 7.4 people for every person in an ATU.

So, here is my latest idea if I was Bubb’s LD Commissioner:

I’d assemble a team of 3500 individuals. They could come from anywhere – Best interest assessors, AMHPs, IMCAs, CQC inspectors, Experts by experience, Learning disabled people, Family members, social workers, solicitors, housing professionals, care workers. You name them, we could have them. Each LD Ninja would be allocated one of the people currently in an ATU. 3500 Ninjas for 3500 human beings. They would then be given six months to understand the person’s needs and find them a home and set up the necessary support to live in that home. The money would follow the person from their in patient setting into their new life.

Anyone fancy being one of the 3500 Ninjas?


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  1. This is *exactly* what has worked for an acquaintance whose child needs very high levels of health support at home. The NHS service providing care was acting oppressively and borderline illegally towards the child and the family, so it has now been deprived of the ball and the ongoing opportunity to play silly buggers.

    The parent started it rolling by insisting on a personal budget for the child after being treated outrageously by the NHS service managers. The actual personal support package has largely been organised by a senior healthcare assistant, who has known the family for years and is now managing staffing rotas and training programmes on their behalf, with administrative assistance from a payroll agency.

    The registered professionals – nurses – in charge of the NHS service were desperate to keep control of the provision, the family, and the substantial sums of money involved, but as the parent says, the child doesn’t need nursing; just support to have a life.

    • The nursing provision, does not check generally, for major illness ie appendicitis, and bowel scans for impactions are not available for the over 18’s.

      But they do assess for neglect, self harm, weight loss, teeth, skin disorders, ie intervention issues, and do not consider the difficulties of dealing with these matters despite Autism Act etc.

      These nurses, are now generally controlled, albeit they won’t admit it ,by the courts, and local authorities, via the social services.

      This is because removal, to private controlled provision in a residence, unseen and unaccountable,is the object, of all now health and social care, which are now the main supporters, if an autistic/ LD managers to remain at home with their family.

  2. They may, supposedly, not know numbers, which is a shocking indictment on so many managers…

    What are they then doing, if such a basic is not known ?

    But, you can be sure, that they know the amount of money, being claimed, in respect to each poor wretch in each bed.

    All they have to do, is count up the audit statistics, on their accounts form, and remember they are somebody’s child, sibling, and grandchild.

    And, imagine, if we said to a social worker, on arrival at our home, ‘yes we have vulnerable people in our home, but I’m afraid, we do not know how many there are’…………………………….

    • Are you in Finola?

      • In where ?

        I’m in my house, with no support its difficult not to be………..

      • Sorry, I see what you mean now, Am I a Ninja .

        We already have Ninjas THAT will out do us ie Cambrian Lifeways , Dimensions, all those lovely anodyne names of all those private residential support units,, being built as I write, even though, as was Thomas Rawnsley’s, they are nowhere near full to capacity.

        They have Units, waiting for all these people, but can they cope, and is it there, any better a life for them, no, just a different building and guards.

        And, what state are these people going to be in, after years, decades sometimes of being Pharma cows, who will cope with the effect of their medication, and their institutionalisation ?

        Look what happened to poor Thomas Rawnsley, when he was thrown into a Cambian Lifeway holding bay.

        So how do we help them ? And, should the government not compensate them for the life they have lost, the suffering they have been through, and the irreversible affect of their care, to say nothing of the anguish, time, suffering and often loss of jobs of their family members ?

        This is a mess, they those that have already made billions out of it, should sort out, and pay for, and be forced to reveal on the media.

        Meanwhile, the more important thing, is to stop it happening to the future LD/autistic, by the removal and drugging of them, and placing in these locally built supported living, which is happening, as I write, as it is the only policy for adult service support.

  3. Have these 3500, not got parents, siblings etc, desperate and broken hearted, who do not even know, where their loved one is, let alone their suffering.

    Should they not be the first to be informed of their loved one’s position, and know best how to help them ?

  4. Nichola permalink

    Ninjas is a great idea, Mark.
    Here’s a link to a fabby article that supports what most of us think about people with LD living larger lives

  5. Jayne knight permalink

    Please I’d love that so much. Count me in as a ninja.

  6. Julie Owen permalink

    I’m up for being a Ninja.
    On the subject of nurses; they used to say that people trained as nurses because they wanted the power that the uniform would give them!

  7. Judy permalink

    Ninja’s is a great idea!

  8. ” cant be sure of the exact numbers” yeah right every week I update a spreadsheet that has to be sent to the CCG detailing All of the paitents currently deemed as an inpatient and where they are on their treatment !!!!

  9. Sally permalink

    I would be delighted to be a Ninja and am pretty sure that in six months I could get an idea of somebody’s needs, find a house and line up support. Any of us could.
    And Ninja is so, so much better a term than the bland not-committing-to-anything terms currently in place. “Supporting”,” signposting”, “coordinating” etc.

  10. Cherryblossom permalink

    I would definitely be a Ninja! The article linked was really hitting the nail on the head. It seems no one can be trusted these days, especially family carers. Our local authority actively encourages the public to watch out for vulnerable adults but in totally the wrong way. They encourage the public to look for “signs” of abuse claiming the family carers are the most likely to abuse. Like we haven’t spent a lifetime having to put up with interfering, ignorant busybodies! They laughingly claim they are promoting human rights. What’s right about being selected for special scrutiny from the state because you or a member of your household has a learning disability? I call it discrimination. I read a recent press report that in Scotland there are 23 people with LD who have been waiting more than 9 years to be discharged from hospital not to mention the people who have been shipped off down to ATU’s in England. If a previously healthy person was rendered totally physically helpless there would be an outcry if the same treatment was given. ” Sorry young Mr Smith, it,s tragic you fell downstairs and broke your neck requiring constant support for the rest of your life. We will have to bang you up miles away from your family ( who are all probably monsters) and that’s how it goes”! It’s blatant discrimination.

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