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What Makes A Man

March 13, 2016

Back in 2000, Westlife posed the question “What Makes A Man?” They had to man up pretty quickly because they were pipped to the Christmas Number One by Bob The Builder.

This morning, Steven and I were discussing his upcoming 26th birthday:

“Birthday on Saturday Steve”.

” Steven Neary is 26 on happy birthday”.

“You’re getting quite an old man now Steve”.

” Steven Neary has had lots of men’s birthdays. No boy’s birthdays since Moorcroft”.

“Do you like men’s birthdays Steve?”

“Yes. Men’s birthdays are massive groovy”.

” What is best Steve – men’s birthdays or boy’s birthdays?”

“Men’s birthdays”.

” Men’s birthdays are best Steve cos…..?”

“Cos men get Mr. Bean DVDs for men’s birthdays. No more Fireman Sam videos for boys”.

That, Kian Egan, is what makes a man.


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  1. Helen permalink


  2. Lisa permalink

    Gorgeous man. Id love to give him a big kiss X

  3. Cathy hodge permalink

    Happy Birthday, Steven Neary.
    I hope 26 is a good year for you.

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