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The Katrina Karaoke

April 7, 2016

First they were afraid, now they’re petrified.

Don’t want to use our service cos they think they’ll die.

Kept thinking I could never win awards

Without Mike Pettier by my side.

I spent all so many nights

At the Berryman’s getting pissed.

And I grew strong

I learned how to spin them along

But now they’re back

From Oxfordshire

I got off my Viral Flotilla

To see that toxic woman near.

I should have changed my gin soaked dress

I should have learned to act sincere

If Comms had told me for just one second

You’d be back to bother me.


Go on now go. Fuck off out my door.

Don’t turn around now

I’m the leader of all before.

Were you the one who though you’d get me in front of the GMC?

Did you think I’d crumble?

Did you think I’d give up £200K?

Oh No Not I

I will Survive

Oh as long as I know how to posture.

I know this CEO will thrive.

I’ve got all my power to live

I’ve got more awards to win.

I won’t resign

I will survive (Hey Hey)






From → Social Care

  1. Pauline Thomas permalink

    Absolutely brilliant Mark. I will never be able to hear Gloria Gaynor;s version of this song again without seeing KP.

    Seriously though, all the time these damning reports were appearing about how much the trust needed to improve, the CEO as hiring consultants to cover the shit with things like flotillas, pants and something to do with viral. If her nurses and doctors needed all this rubbish to do their jobs properly, then they were under qualified in the first place or extremely gullible.

  2. Lisa permalink

    Hahaha Mark, bloody brilliant.

  3. Sally permalink

    It is astounding that somebody so smug, so dim, has risen to such heights. It confirms for me my impression that people working in learning disability fall into two groups. This isn’t a popular field. So it gets either dedicated, talented people with a vocation for the work. Or, and more commonly, the dregs . KP would not be allowed to make the tea in other fields. Here ,she is a leader !
    I didn’t realise gin was involved. This could explain her eye wateringly inane homilies and extortions to the troups.

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