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Postcard From Norfolk Day One

June 6, 2016

You may recall that Escape to the Country is my perfect, get out of doing the personal budget audit, escape. Today, I’m living it! This place has so many character features, double aspect views and hidden charms than you can shake a stick at. I’m sure if jaunty Johnny was to ask us to guess the valuation, we’d be looking at £3m.

The pool has a genuine deep end. Not a 2ft leading to 5 ft hobby. Our one drops abruptly from 4ft to 8ft. Of course, Steven loved that. Something about being out of his depth brings on the biggest, cheekiest smile. The spa pool isn’t particularly well endowed, bubble wise but is a cool base to observe sheep and the odd farmer from.

The tyre blew on the minibus. Thankfully, not whilst we were on the motorway but in the driveway to the cottage. We were supplied with a spare, so we won’t be too curtailed but it may put the mockers on tomorrow’s trip out. To be honest, I’m not bothered if we stay in. As well as the pools, there’s a games room and a large children’s playroom. Plus a summer house and a tree house. I’m glad we’ve got lashings of ginger beer & potted paste.

One of the support workers has gone all Mary Berry on us. He was baking cakes from the moment we arrived and has promised us pies for tomorrow.

In case that all sounds a bit girly, Steven has got Muriel’s Wedding lined up for tomorrow night to restore the testosterone levels.

Its all been a bit much for Steven. Yawning since 8pm, he took himself off to bed at 9.30, sighing, “Holidays are a bit busy”.


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  1. Sounds like fun already Mark! Enjoy!

  2. Cathy Hodge permalink

    Glad everything is off to a good start (except the tire).
    Hope you all return to London, feeling refreshed.

  3. Helen permalink

    Love Norfolk – Enjoy – Helen x

  4. If you’re anywhere near Burnham Overy Staithe boat trip (at high tide) out to Scolt Head is fun! Hope you Stephen & team have a great time 😃

  5. Sounds straight out of the Famous Five Books- lots of fresh air, food and nature watching……..hope weather holds.

  6. weary mother permalink

    …………………………….and lashings of ginger beer! x

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