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Postcard From Norfolk Day Two

June 7, 2016

It’s definitely been a home from home here in Norfolk today. A morning swim, a pork pie lunch, an afternoon music session and an Abba documentary this evening. Just like a normal Tuesday back in Cowley.

Mighty impressed with Steven’s tolerance this afternoon. An hour on a blazing hot garage forecourt whilst we waited for a bay to become available to fit the new tyre. Followed by a trip to Tesco to buy the stuff for tomorrow’s barbecue. Not too long ago that would have led to a horrendous sensory overload meltdown but today was calmness personified. Helped enormously be seeing Britney Spears get out of her car at Tescos and Matty lad from Brookside going into the funeral directors next door to the garage.

The deep end of the swimming pool is becoming a bit of a metaphor. Out of his depth but surviving with a huge, almost taunting, smile. Today, Steven spent most of his time in the water down the deep end, dropping to the bottom and then emerging clapping and singing. “Like Howard Donald in Why Can’t I Wake Up With You”. Taking my cue, I leave him to it and instruct the support workers to do the same. Steven’s survival instincts are sharper than anyone I know. If he’s not worried, then why should I be?

The minced beef pie was jolly nice too.

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  1. So much for the usual mantra, that all autistic do not appreciate risk, and the old capacity test one cannot foresee future risk of any decision, so incapable of any decision, do not like change, etc etc

    • Pauline Thomas permalink

      Actually ‘being safe’ is sometimes like being locked in a cage. Locked in a cage you are ‘safe’ but are you actually enjoying living?

      Hope the hols go well Mark. Keep swimming Steven!.

  2. Amanda Elliot permalink


  3. Shirley Buckley permalink

    Sorry sorry to interrupt the lovely holiday but 4 COUNCILS SEEK JUDICIAL REVIEW AGAINST GOVERNMENT RE DOLS. How do I get Martin joined???????

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