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Postcard From Norfolk Day Three

June 8, 2016

A tale of true heroism today. Steven Neary turned Day three into a reboot of Indiana Neary & the Pool of Doom.

Our day started like any other Wednesday: Mr Bean, the Wednesday disco with the opportunity to sing along to “Zipping up my boots. I’m going back to my roots”. Then some son and father time to watch the Anniversary episode of Fawlty Towers. This episode also creases Steven up, over the exchange,

” Has the doctor been?”

“No but the dentist has had a good look”.

Routine completed and off to the pool where disaster struck. I got both feet stuck in a child’s beach bucket. With no thought for his own safety, Steven dived underwater and separated my pins from the pail. A quick chorus of ” There’s some feet in my bucket ” and off to get changed.

Later we heard the worrying rumour, that our pond, where you can’t see the water for the enormous reeds, may be inhabited by poisonous snakes. Time for Indiana to zip up his boots again and save the day.

We’ve just watched Sunshine on Leith, the ridiculously uplifting film that uses the catalogue of The Proclaimers for its soundtrack. Think this may become a regular on the playlist. I think it’s one of life’s essential truisms that you can never have enough Musicals in your DVD collection.

A barbecue for tea, which often turns into an anti climax with Steven. He only likes one item of food on the plate at any one time, in this case a burger. And once that is eaten, that’s it, meal complete. No going back for seconds or a chicken wing.

Tomorrow we may go out. Cromer? Yarmouth Pleasure Beach? The Diss Museum of 16th century trouser presses? Or we may stay in again and end the holiday with another home from home.

Steven will chose. He has the capacity. He has the liberty.


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  1. Jsyne knight permalink

    Sounds like a perfect break
    I love Cromer and the pier but with a guy like Stephen Id probably enjoy anywhere

  2. Tallguy permalink

    If stephen is one for Crazy Gold the Pirate Cove golf course in Great Yarmouth is worth a visit. Otherwise the traditional alternative is crab fishing off Cromer Pier.

  3. Tallguy permalink

    *Crazy golf not gold.

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