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The Southern Health Sidewinder.

August 30, 2016

Trumpets. Fanfares. Katrina Percy has resigned as CEO of Southern Health Foundation Trust.

Here’s the BBC report –

But hang on. Before you crack open the bubbly and throw yourself into the Berryman’s moat in a gesture of unfettered celebration, she has resigned. But she hasn’t gone.

This is senior NHS management we’re talking about. A resignation has a completely different meaning in those quarters.

KP has resigned as CEO but will still be employed by Southern Health, on exactly the same salary as before to take on a strategic/advisory role. It’s pointless trying to make any sense of the foul waste of money in the NHS – it is a law unto itself. Interim Chair, Mike Smart, reckons that she is great value for money in this new role. She will now be offering advice from her vault of knowledge to GPs in the Southern Health catchment area.

Just imagine you’re a Portsmouth based GP & you’ve just completed a 10 hour surgery in your practice. You glance out of the window and see Katrina parking up her car. Where do you hide? Do you hurl yourself into the sharps dispenser? Do you rip off your skin and pretend to be a skeleton behind your examination couch? The last thing you want is to be on the receiving end of her £180K per annum wisdom.

Why did she resign?

Was it because 100s of people died in the Trust’s care and their deaths were not deemed worthy of an investigation? No.

Was it because the Mazars report ripped your leadership credibility to shreds? No.

Was it because the Verita 1 report showed the lengths you went to, to downplay the death of Connor Sparrowhawk? No.

Was it because the CQC now have a permanent parking space to deliver another complete failure report? No.

Was it because questions are being asked about how KP was able to award huge contracts to former associates? No.

This is why KP resigned (from her own statement):

“the effect ongoing personal media attention has had on staff and patients” had made her position as boss of Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust untenable.

Bloody media. Poking their noses in. Rocking the Flotilla.

So inevitable that it would be for reasons of “media attention” that finally brings about her resignation. For a woman and an organisation totally preoccupied with its awards and PR, it would be the only thing that matters. All those learning disabled people who have died certainly didn’t matter.

The media were paying attention because of pathological failure of an organisation over many years. But read both KP’s and Mike Smart’s statements today and failure has been airbrushed out of the picture. The masters of spin don’t know when to stop.

It’s also incredible that KP was concerned about the effect the media attention was having on patients. Nearly all the patients I’ve seen interviewed in the Media have been petrified about the lethal service being offered to them.

Just go away Ms Percy and take your whole stinking viral quality, tea parties, award winning leadership with you.


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  1. Sam permalink

    Bets on Katrina has a deal that allows a massive redundancy in the coming months, with the aim to quietly walk away.

    Of course we will all be watching for this.

  2. Yes! Exactly!! It is disgusting that she keeps her salary and an advisory position??? Can’t imagine what advice she could possibly give when she has failed so many and is guilty of countless lies and cover ups!!! 😡😡😡

  3. Pauline Thomas permalink

    Brilliant. Mark you have absolutely said it all.

    Where is the justice for bereaved families when NHS CEOs and their ‘friends’ stick two fingers up to the general public. The silence from Parliament is deafening.

  4. weary mother permalink

    Any one seen the job description ?

    Can just see old and experienced GP’s leaving their queues of patients…to do the Percy £200.000 line dance.

    Wonder which Percy pal will be on piano ?

  5. Kathleen permalink

    Her statement does make me chuckle as in the early stages of the Oxford take over KP spoke of the importance of social media and particularly twitter urging teams to use them. Gone full circle then.

  6. GreatBritain? permalink

    un be- effing lievable… disgusting and corrupt… no surprises there…..Connor Sparrowhawk’s family offered £80,000 in compensation?. adding insult to can anyone compensate for such a loss?…will the money come from Katrina’s bulging paypacket? £190,000 p/a to do what? advise who? the woman should be sacked at very least, like the rest of us mere mortals would be if we messed up at work. Nope.. she is rewarded for her gross misconduct – with a more cushy job and no doubt has a lovely new office to hide in. VILE.

  7. From the Wild Wood permalink

    This is so insulting to the memory of all those who have died under KP’s watch, and to their families who are suffering lifelong heartbreak.. I would also consider it to be patronising and insulting that someone of KP’s ‘calibre’ (ie lack thereof) should be ‘advising’ GPs.: I hope that the various practices will rise up in appalled joint revolt at the very suggestion.

    Something quite extraordinary is happening here – most obviously at the Board and Management level, but also where these extremely questionable financial dealings are concerned. One hopes that some journalist is beavering away on a piece of forensic investigation that will eventually bring everything out into broad daylight and, hopefully, provoke a parliamentary or judicial enquiry.

  8. weary mother permalink

    And how can the new CE operate with any confidence with Ms Percy – wafting about in the oxygen of the place and on probably on higher salary and benefits than her replacement – as she has brought her CE role and increments with her. Who has higher status ? Where will the authority and power lie ? For Ms Percy has the trust and support of the chairman.

    Will Ms Percy still sit in the big chair at top table – present or not – and smile.

    It can only be that the NHS is going to watching this Trust collapse…on a lot of vulnerable patients and staff …….why?


  9. Pauline Thomas permalink

    When you equate this scandalous waste of public funds to the sort of ‘hoop jumping’ people with a learning disability and their carers have to go through to get even a half decent care package it makes you sick and angry.

    This government has the brass neck to criticize corruption in other countries, when they should be looking at what is going on under their own noses.

  10. Sally permalink

    It is all yet another testimony to the woman’s utter greed and narcissism., Anybody with any degree of conscience would have been appalled at the failures, sleepless about the deaths ,done their utmost to put things right, resigned with dignity and heartfelt apology. Nope, it’s spin and arse covering all the way
    This rather reminds me of figures such as, say Archer who can pass through hearings, indeed in his case be found guilty in a court of law and do time, and come out with ego intact insisting that he is without fault. The danger is that so very confident are these people in their assertions that their lies are accepted.
    KP will dare to stand and lecture GPs with her usual mix of corporate speak, flannel and flattery as if her carreer has been a heroic.success .The GOs will want to give her a hard time but I assure you any complaints will be dealt with by threats and flannel from higher up. They will be told that this person is excellent and they must obey her. I have seen this several times while working in the NHS.

    What does it take for someone like this to be sacked rather than moved on?

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