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Getting Over Myself

September 5, 2016

I made a big mistake at the weekend and want to apologise to anyone I’ve offended.

Two things in life that are guaranteed to have me curled up in a ball of discomfort are people being kind to me and discussions about money.

After my post about Steven’s move to his new house, I was overwhelmed by the responses on Twitter and Facebook of people offering practical and financial help. I did what I always do when faced with kindness – I rejected it.

That was ungracious and rude of me.

I’ve had a few conversations with people since and realised how much love there is out there for Steven. I can see that folk want to express their love and support him with the move.

One of his online friends has set up a gofundme page for him and thanks to people’s generosity, I can now arrange for a team of decorators to come and do the whole house for him. They’ll be able to do it better and a lot quicker than me and that will be a huge weight off my shoulders.

Steven has already chosen his colour scheme and he’s going for a pale lime in every room!

Thank you so much for the incredible response to the move. I can’t begin to describe how moved I am by so much human warmth.

Here is the link to Steven’s page:


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  1. Auti Boy permalink

    I can understand completely. When the norm is facing a world that seems cruelly obstructive, actual, genuine support is a bit of a shock to the system and a lot to absorb. It remains there, though, for the necessary reassurance. Like Morrissey said, ‘Good times for a change’ 😎

  2. emily permalink

    The amounts has shot up since you posted this post. Well done.

  3. moving is major after all the trials to get this far, people realise the person moving/family and carers are left unsupported to make it happen. Helping get that clean under way is a lovely idea ( up to your armpits in Evans fast clean is Plan B but better by far to get in a team )

  4. Magi permalink

    It’s being a long and cruel journey to secure a home for Steven, kindness doesn’t happen often in our journeys. I’m looking forward to hearing about Steven’s move into his home, and will Mr.Bean clash will the lime decor:). Happy house moving xx

  5. So pleased that you and Steven can feel and accept the love and good feeling that there is for you both xx

  6. simone aspis permalink

    makes me feel quite despair – how have we come to this situation – where disabled people are having to rely on great parents blogging and media skills to get support from the community – or funding that should be provided by the state – that is why I pay my taxes – so that Stephen and thousands other disabled people have a decent standard of living including having some money left over to do the nice things in life rather than paying for tridgent and the wars. I do think about the thousands of disabled people in the same situation as Stephen but get nothing because they do not have a social network with social and political capital.. That is no criterism of you Mark – but it’s reality check for us as disabled people and how increasingly we are expected to fund-raise for reasonable desires like having a nice decorated home, or a holiday etc

    • the absence of support relocating when you finally reach that happy junction is crushing and of course things should be different , personally bang a drum for holding everyone to account as much as is humanely possible on that score but there is a massive but .
      Reality demands we all go along with wrongness and bullying at times. No way should there have been a demand for an instant decision on the property and someone without support would have been obliged to accept it as seen in the same way. Are redecorating schemes and handyperson services even operating anymore ? I haven’t heard of anyone being offered them. Anyone alone is going to be in chaos I agree, which is and always will be unacceptable.

  7. Mr Trebus permalink

    Super happy to be given the chance to contribute to Steven’s new adventure.

  8. Jayne knight permalink

    Yes that’s just great
    People do care Mark xxxxxx

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