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The Move Diary Days 1 & 2

September 8, 2016

Gonna keep a diary of the move to the new house. If the first two days are anything to go by, it could be a useful archive of what it’s like to be learning disabled and trying to get social housing.

Here are some photos for starters:

flat7     flat4  flat1 flat2

Day One:

Got to the house at midday, after stopping off to arrange for the carpet firm to come and do a quote. Deep cleaner booked for 5pm.

We quickly realised there was a problem with the electric. Topped up the key meter. Managed to find out which company were supplying the house. They checked and fuel supply working. Suggested it might be a circuit problem. Phoned council to get someone out. Phoned them at 3pm. Someone came at 9pm. In the meantime one of Steven’s support workers turned up and diagnosed the problem – faulty wiring – the lights were tripping every other fuse. Chap from Council came at 9pm and was horrified at the work of the sub contracted company. Managed to half sort it – some lights on but he’ll do report for sub contracted firm to come and sort out their mess tomorrow.

Had to cancel deep cleaner as no electric to plug his machines into.

By the end of the evening, my sister and I had compiled a list of other problems to report to council in the morning.

Asleep by 1.30am

Day Two:

Arrived at house by 8am to let gardeners in. They were wonderful – worked incredibly hard and had the front and back forests cleared by 3pm.

Phoned council with three issues:

  1. Boiler not working because they capped the gas supply when the property became void. I need to find out who the gas supplier is and set up an account by Monday when another of the council’s sub contractors will arrive to uncap the supply.
  2. No water at all coming out of one tap. Arranged plumber for Tuesday.
  3. Problems opening the front door. They can’t get a carpenter out until 21st September.

Guys turned up to quote for the replacement fence (Council had finally given me permission to change it yesterday. I had raised it as a safeguarding issue. But like everything else so far, I have to pay for the work myself). Agreed their quote and they will be back to do the work on Monday.

The sub contracted electric chaps arrived and did what they have to do. Working fine at the moment but don’t feel overly confident after their initial botched job. Would like someone from the council to come out and check it is all okay.

Steven turned up with his two support workers on the way back from water aerobics. Tried to explain to him what every room will look like and what will go where. He seemed happy. Even more happy when Uncle Wayne popped across to see him.

The decorator arrived. We decided after referring the matter to Steven to drop the idea of lime green in every room. Will put £s on to the bill. He phoned me back with his quote tonight and will start work on Tuesday morning. He reckons it will take a fortnight.

Had to deal with a meltdown to end all meltdowns from 6.30 to 7.30 with the result that I’ve done my neck in again. Night shift worker arrived early and I left him to deal with it.

Got to do some work tomorrow. Have cancelled my clients all week but must see them tomorrow as I cancelled them last Friday when I went to view the house.

I’ve got between 9am & 10am and 3pm to 5pm to: set up the gas account; get a set of keys cut for the decorator; buy the green paint for Steven’s room; do this month’s personal budget audit (normal bureaucratic life goes on). Thankfully my sister will let the deep cleaner in; I just need to be there to pay him at 5pm when he’s finished.

And eat.


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  1. Eve smith permalink

    Reading that exhausted me…please take care Mark…look after yourself too!

  2. Jayne knight permalink

    No words just contempt for the people who take no pride in what they do and what they have let you down with

  3. Caroline speirs permalink

    why are you having to do all of this? surely the council has a role in coordinating this essential activity and ensuring the property is fit for your son to live to in?

    • My thoughts exactly! They can’t rent a place that is not fit to live in!! I wonder if the agreement states you have to leave it as you found it!!! 😳😡

  4. From the photographs the ‘ story ‘ of the home is clear, someone’s struggle clearly documented . Gardens that are impossible to access or maintain without support a depressing moat around the property rather than a source of enjoyment. Carer’s supporting 168hrs a week are expected to continue in their role and manage a move simultaneously . So much wrongness. I hope you both have enough energy for this.

  5. Fiona permalink

    If it were a private rental rather than the council none of this would be permissible. Truly shocking to let a flat on that dangerous state.

  6. webhorus permalink

    I wish I could say I was surprised by all this. Strength, my friend, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

  7. simone aspis permalink

    what does the council housing team do – isn’t there something called maintenance?

  8. techiebabe permalink

    Wow. From those photos I can see why decorating and carpets are needed(!)

    Could you maybe find some stencils Steven likes, and use any spare lime paint to stencil the lounge? So it’s a little bit green even if you can’t have it everywhere?

    Your final two words…. “and eat” – yeah, I know what you mean. It’s easily forgotten, or sometimes it’s a choice between a wash or a meal (and you can’t put the wash off *forever*…)

    Just about to catch up the next bit in the moving diary. Moving on more than one count. 💕

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