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Change is Changing.

September 21, 2016

Last year the NHS launched another of their interminable schemes – Change is Changing. A nonsense title which sailed straight past the irony that, by and large, huge systems are totally resistant to change because they threaten the very foundations of that system. Exnovation. Boat Rockers. Flotillas of Change. Vanguards. Catching apples from the cart. They come and they go but one thing they seldom produce is change.

I can’t catch my breath at the moment for all the changes that are happening in my personal and professional life. The house move is whizzing along. The decorating will be finished by Friday, the carpets laid next week, the new furniture delivered next week also. All ready for the big move on the 3rd. Even Steven seems to have given up on resisting the change & being overwhelmed by the understandable anxiety of a move. The last few days, he has calmed down considerably. Yesterday, the removal man arrived to give me a quote. Steven shook his hand and said “Hello Luke. You’re my moving buddy”. It’s going to happen. Go with it.

My professional world is changing. I’ve been invited to co author an academic paper about 7 Days of Action. And two days later I was asked to sit on the panel at an LD conference discussing mine and Steven’s experience of Personalisation. This is all new to me and spark off thoughts like, ” you’ll be way out of your depth”, “they’ll laugh at you”, ” you’ll be exposed as a fraud”. But once I get off these thoughts, I find myself getting excited by the adventure. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Change is changing.

Even my therapy world is changing. A few weeks ago I was discussing with a colleague that old staple of existential training – the four worlds of existence. I flippantly said that we should now have five worlds – the cyber world being the newbie. The therapy world is very dismissive and almost sniffy about online relationships. I’ve felt for ages that to ignore this crucial fifth world that most of us inhabit now is a great disservice to the client’s totality. Then Buggar me, last week, I was asked if I fancied running a workshop on the very subject for a PD group.

Usually with clients who are resisting a change in their lives, I find myself asking, “do you have any choice?”. It’s usually a case of climbing onboard, strapping on the seat belt, donning the hard hat and launching ourselves. Big institutions don’t do that. They like to give the presentation that they’re doing it but in reality the opposite is usually happening. They’re bunkering down.

Nothing Exposes this more than Southern Health’s Viral Quality programme. Millions spent. Awards aplenty. But their organisation is collapsing because it cannot allow itself to change. Their viral quality videos reveal everything that is wrong with their ” (non) lessons are learned” lie.

Woman on all Fours from their infamous Tim & Kira viral quality film is a goddess in my eyes. She is a genius who cuts through all the bollocks. Her appearance in the film shows that things will never change. It’s 11am and what does WOAF do at 11am every day – she has her tea and biscuits. And nothing is going to get in the way of that. So she bends double and crawls straight through the filming of this change celebration.

She should be the new CEO. It would certainly be more honest.


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  1. Pauline Thomas permalink

    Mark a brilliant piece. I endorse everything you have said

    Social care has changed beyond all recognition in the last fifteen years. Austerity being the driver. However i have not seen much austerity within the organisations than purport to make our loved ones lives better. Austerity for us, not for them.

    In the last fifteen years I have seen and witnessed some wonderful presentations on how the new changes will give my son, and his peers, more choice, more quality and more independence. Actually it got worse. Once the policy makers wrote it down they deemed it done. It was not done of course. Commitment gets it done and that was not on the table.

    Mark I wish you success in your new ventures. You will walk it!

  2. so lovely to hear about the peace and personal opportunities that have entered both your lives.
    7 days of Action is having impact , someone discussed it with me for the first time this week , the same person had previously thought nothing like ‘ those sort of places ‘ was in existence any more. Love Steven’s attitude , popping on the tin hat and best foot forward with his co-pilot Luke. Co authoring will probably feel much the same , never fear.

  3. Social care is changing to the point of becoming non existent – and it seems the less there is the more highly paid managers and agencies are needed to persuade us that the Emperor’s New Clothes are such an improvement.

    The Telegraph article on managers being paid £20,000 A MONTHi in the NHS is really depressing. If these people are so worth it, why are things getting worse?

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