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And Then There Were Ten

September 28, 2016

Yesterday, after a hard morning scrubbing the floors of Steven’s new house in preparation for the carpets being laid, I got back to my flat and decided to flop on the sofa with a bit of light, fluffy entertainment. I chose the BBC’s 2015 adaption of And Then There Were None. Light and fluffy it was not. Dark and terrifying it most certainly was. It’s been filmed many times and most people know the basic plot but this was the closest anyone has ever got to Agatha Christie’s book. It was edge of the seat stuff, watching 10 people realise their judgment day had come and they’d been summoned to the island to die.

Later in bed, I had an idea for a variation on the plot. Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill anyone off. But imagine the horror as ten people are lured to a remote location and realise they are trapped in an ATU for all eternity.

Casting is fairly simple. Katrina Pearcey would have to be first in. Allow me to indulge myself and send Whistler’s Mother to her living doom. The nurse who chained Harry up turning his feet black from the Bournwood case must go in. And I’d find room for that responsible Clinician who kept two of the dudes from 7 Days of Action locked away, before appearing on BBC News and dismissing the dudes as “highly complex”, to justify his position. Perhaps the CEO of St Andrews could be nudged into the boat. I’m sure that readers can find other people that will make up the cast of ten people, deprived of their liberty.

Getting them to the island is piss easy – an appeal to their vanity. All the people I’ve mentioned above have enormous egos, so an invitation to an awards ceremony should be enough to gather the inmates.

Then they quickly realise that the awards are a sham and the seclusion rooms, the Spit hoods, the burly nurses poised to administer prone restraint, the syringes filled with anti psychotic medication come into focus. No contact with the outside world (in their best interests of course).

One thing that the public stories of learning disabled people dying, or being abused, or tortured by unnecessary detentions has shown is that sadly, these stories don’t really engage the wider public. The not quite human framing and narrative has a far reach. I’ve often thought about writing an ATU script but I don’t think it would impact. The learning disabled don’t gain the public empathy to any large degree.

This idea might work though. Ten apparently ” sane” non disabled people facing what 3000+ learning disabled people face daily might generate a wider shock. It shouldn’t be that way obviously but that’s where the evidence points.

Where do I send the draft screenplay to?

Update 29.9.16

How on earth did I forget Jeremy Hunt? Fed through a hatch.


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  1. Sarah permalink

    Absolutely brilliant idea! There must be thousands of us that would pay to watch that!

  2. Jayne knight permalink

    I’ve just had a long conversation with E tonight about his horrible seclusion and life. We agreed to watch some films soon with popcorn. We talked about justice. The film choice varied as I’m a wimp and E likes scary ones. I think the whole scene you described would satisfy every wish he has and the few bits of laughter I had from an amazing survivor would be loud and string!
    Bring in the guilty person ! Let them know how it feels to shuffle to your already decided fare! I’m too frightened for him to say his real name that’s how scary and bad this all is.

    • weary mother permalink

      Yes – all so true and so bloody wrong……for we all have our ten and they are still out there. Some families have just not met them all yet…….

      Jayne …so true.

      For the fear of worse happening to someone we love…to our unique ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ – who has done no harm to anyone and who is vulnerable – and becomes more vulnerable every day…to all that is worse in humanity. It dominates and it bullies us – it prevents us from telling the world just how brutal the world of’ our ‘ social care’ – in Britain today…can be.

      In Britain – one of the most ‘democratic’ and wealthy country’s in the world.

      Our sons and daughters sit on the edge of the care cliff every day. While we mums and dads live we can stay vigilant…put our self nearer that edge than our beloved boy or girl…….while always being aware that one of the ‘ten’ is always in the wings waiting ……until we sleep…

      .Yes……………we all have our ‘ten’ and they are all still out there…………..

  3. If you can’t sell the screenplay, try pitching it as a reality-TV show?

  4. Frannie permalink

    What a great idea

  5. weary mother permalink

    …….and then all the rest for the crowd scenes….who just – ‘we do our best’ – and see it all – collect their pay….. and say and do ‘nowt.

  6. Cathy Hodge permalink

    Reality TV style works for me.
    You could even let the audience vote.
    Who leaves first, and who stays to the bitter end.
    It would get more viewings than the Super Bowl.

  7. Sally permalink

    That is a wonderful idea! Thank you for giving me the first laugh for ages. And very kind of you to modify the book and not send them to various horrible deaths. Oh the temptation.

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