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Black Marks

November 20, 2016

Forgive the incoherence but just need to get this off my chest. I’m fucking furious.

I got back to Steven’s new house this morning after having a few days away to recharge my batteries.

I just went into his bedroom to put some washing away and noticed that the damp patch on his wall had grown. I pulled out his bed to see if it had spread and the whole of the wall was black and wet. His bed base was also damp.

This is seven weeks.

The council aren’t due to sort out the brickwork until 28th. Goodness knows what state it will be in by then.

They must have known before we moved in. That level of damp doesn’t suddenly appear in a few weeks.

I’ve spent £6K on trying to get the house habitable and nice for Steven and then this!

We’ve moved the bed to the other side of the room but that doesn’t feel very satisfactory.

He may have to move into my room and I’ll go into his.

This is why I had to take a break. The relentless, shit of dealing with the Local Authority.

Tomorrow is Monday again. My day off. Another day off spent phoning the council.

I am damp with rage.


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  1. Have you thought of a dehumidifier till this is sorted out? I know you shouldn’t have to do it, but I got one for around £100 ( & there are Black Friday offers just now) It worked in a 70s built flat for me. Also I suspect even when council have got round to having a go at it, Steven may still need it. Ground floor council flats especially are prone to damp/mould 😦 But it can be kept at bay.

  2. Forgot to say “Good Luck!” with it x

  3. Emily permalink

    Take the damp mattress, a couple of buckets of damp brick work, some mushrooms for good measure and dump the whole , bleeding lot on the councils foyer. Top it off with a bag of cow pooh, seeing as you have to deal with the BS on a daily basis. Makes me mad!!!’

  4. Frannie permalink

    I am furious for you.What hope for young dudes that don’t have parents like you.
    Why do we have to be project managers for our loved ones when we want just to be parents x

    • weary mother permalink

      Fran – without mum and dad – I assume they sleep in damp beds and grow chest infections?

      • weary mother permalink

        ”There’s always something ,,with that Mr Neary” ?

  5. Alison permalink

    Words fail. Thank F for you xxx Currently facing “re-assessment” decisions for people who have been with us for years, because there’s a service that could keep them alive for less. Alive but what life?

  6. Frannie, yes, real project managers, whilst paid managers and staff and officials relax (not like your good care staff, Mark).
    Alison, yes, what life? My son’s life is a near disaster every day I’m not with him – my coming gives him hope. I have to juggle work every other day to make ends meet, while taking him out to give him some hope – and yet then care team paid to do that are on their iPhones instead.

  7. Shirley Buckley permalink

    Mark – a damp house is a HUGE HEALTH RISK. Sue the Council, it is criminal to offer a house that has damp in it. It is not fit for human habitation – it is criminal to put it on the market. They have broken every rule there is in the book. The council are duty bound to do a survey before they offer you any sort of accomodation. Can you dig deep and find the energy??? You should get huge compensation (ha ha). What greater depths can they sink to. How about asking the judge to find you a lawyer and legal aid.

  8. Lisa permalink

    Mark, i am sorry to hear this, how bloody frustrating for you. However, you will sort it you always do. Respect to love belief and balls x

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