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The Wasteland

January 2, 2017

My friend was just telling me I missed a treat yesterday because throughout the day Radio Four had Jeremy Irons reading the works of T S Elliott. It reminded me of one of the more surreal moments in the Cowley house last year.

Steven had just put on his Cats DVD. It was the first time the support worker had seen it. After about 10 minutes in, he said to me:

“Ah! Is this the one based on T S Elliott’s poems?”

Before I had a chance to reply, Steven chipped in:

“Yes. T S Elliott’s Wasteland”

The support worker visibly jumped out of his seat.

Ten minutes later, he followed me into the kitchen and said:

“How on earth does Steven know Elliott wrote The Wasteland?”

“Go and ask him,” I replied.

Off he went and I listened but the support worker wasn’t quite phrasing the question right, so wasn’t getting an answer.

I popped my head round the door and said,

“Steve. Tell Michael. Who was doing T S Elliott, The Wasteland talking?”

Steven replied in a flash:

“Neil Tennant”.

After mopping the support worker down with a moist flannel I explained to him that Steven has one of those talking heads videos, The Greatest Number One Singles Of All Time. When they get to number 68, the interviewer asks Neil Tennant how the idea of West End Girls came about, to which Tennant pretentiously replies:

“We were trying to create a collage of voices. We were very much inspired by T S Elliott’s The Wasteland. We wanted to create something with that vibe”.

Never let it be said we don’t do the classics in Cowley.

From → Social Care

  1. Most if not, all ‘non verbal’ for many reasons, often their care and education autistics, cannot, or do not engage with their capacity assessment.

    As IQ appears to be an important part of deeming the autistic ‘incapable’ of any decision, IQ is based now deliberately largely on adeptive skills, no allowance given for their autism, so highly discriminatory, in addition to the fact, that non autistic are not made subject to a capacity testing, which invariably leads, to effectively all important decisions being removed from the autistic for life. A shocking prospect for anyone and puts them in a very vulnerable cage.

    Because of this, as I have witnessed, carers are often led to believe, that those cared for are effectively ‘insentient’, and do not even know what is going on around them, let alone are distressed by it, so any itinerant, prescribed, risk assessed, maximum profit care allowed, and unchecked except on narrow tick boxed by providers criteria.

    Yet, all research points to the autistic being gifted and intelligent, but this is ignored and they are often stimulated with 4 year old’s books, as most are now deemed to have a mental age of below 7.

  2. Karen permalink

    In other words….. and more succinctly, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

  3. Bonsoir,
    Trés beau poéme de plus l’écouter par le meilleur narrateur Jérémy Irons, c’est un vrai bonheur.
    Les Poémes de T.S. Eliot sont superbes.

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