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Back To The Flood

February 26, 2017

Watching Robbie appear with Take That again last night and singing The Flood took both Steven and me back to that night in 2010 when Steven escaped from the ATU whilst Take That were reuniting on the X Factor and singing The Flood live for the first time.

“Do you remember Steve?”

“Steven Neary ran away from M House with his pyjamas on”.

“Steve was a very brave young man. You didn’t put your shoes and socks on”.

“Steven Neary had massive sore feet. Steven Neary was very brave”.

And then a few seconds later, thankfully, he can turn that horrible event into a joke:

“Steven Neary’s not going to run away from the Cowley house when Take That sing don’t go holding back the flood. Cowley house is the best house”.

Which is a very nice perspective.

And in case you’re wondering, Jason Orange wasn’t singing with Take That last night because according to Steven, “Jason Orange is still looking at the sharks in Australia”.



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  1. Jayne knight permalink

    That’s just wonderful shows how happy he is at home in that flat that’s nearly finished you off!

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