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My My, DoLS Meet Their Waterloo

May 21, 2017


This post contains some distressing images of a person being deprived of their liberty.


On Friday, we chose the least restrictive option for Steven’s care (There was only a celebrity Storage Hunters special on the telly) and spent the evening in the company of a counterfeit Agnetha, Anna Frid, Bjorn and Benny.

We lived dangerously because we didn’t get this deprivation authorised but Steven did demonstrate his capacity by inviting me to tag along.

The conditions we attached to this DoLS was to sing and dance and clap as loudly as possible.

We achieved those conditions.







You may agree with us that the best lookalike out of all of them was the drummer, dressed up as Napoleon in the final photo, who was a dead ringer for Barry Manilow.

Back to the gilded cage.

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  1. simone aspis permalink

    Looks like all of u had a fun night out.

  2. Jude permalink

    Fabulous photos and what amazing smiles.

  3. This post has really made me smile. Brilliant.

  4. Brilliant! Love those cheeky smiles 😀

  5. c wells permalink

    think the smiles are contagious made us smile here

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