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A Friday Quiz

June 23, 2017

Here’s a little quiz for you to end the week. No prizes I’m afraid because I’m going to be skint again for the next four weeks.


At the beginning of March, I asked for Steven’s personal budget to be reviewed to take into account his growing push for independence.

The social worker informed me that Panel had approved the increase in April.

The Personal Budget is paid into account on a Friday, every four weeks, to cover the period starting on the following Monday. For example, the last payment was paid on Friday 26th May to cover the period 29th May to 25th June.

Since March, the new rate hasn’t been paid yet.

This morning, the social worker came to update Steven’s care assessment and confirmed that all the paperwork had long since been signed off by her department.

The Quiz:

How much was paid into the Direct Payment account today?

A. The new increased rate?

B. The old rate (still no increase)?

C. Nothing at all?

The Answer:


I phoned the direct payment team. She confirmed that Panel had agreed the new rate but there were two more steps the process takes before Steven gets paid. Firstly, Panel’s decision has to go before “Budgetry Approval” and once they have ticked the box, “Invoice Control” have their two penny’s worth.

I nearly cried. A cry of complete frustration.

24 weeks and counting. No promises that it will be paid in four weeks time for 24th July. Another four weeks of me having to make up the support workers’ wages by £125 per week.

Another little piece of my soul died this afternoon.


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  1. Emily permalink

    Do they back date payments?

  2. Emily permalink


  3. simone aspis permalink

    Sounds like deliberate stalling – I would present yourself to the council and say you will not move until all money owed to uis paid to you and that you have evidence that they have changed Stephen’s direct debits into his account

  4. LizzieD permalink

    aAnd if you couldn;t find the money – most couldn;t, I imagine, what then? You lose good workers and end up with a worse regime or none.

    In passing, anyone have any advice on finding temporary cover at short notice? I believe some councils have started keeping lists of available workers,, but mine doesn’. When you need it infrequently, its a nightmare.t.

  5. Oh FFS, No! This is criminal.

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