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I Need A Whoopi

June 30, 2017

Short post.

I had my recurring dream again last night. I tend to have the dream, or a variation thereof, after I’ve had some great quality time with Steven.

I guess the dream is inspired by the film, Ghost. Unfortunately, in the dream there is no Whoopi Goldberg to connect me to the person I love.

The Dream:

It is six months after my death. Needless to say, the council have moved Steven from his home to an ATU.

He is heavily drugged and having difficulty walking but his spirit is hanging in there.

My sister and Wayne visit and Steven rips Wayne’s shirt as he pleads with him to stay.

Alan, the support worker, visits and as it’s a Wednesday, Steven wants a Wednesday morning disco, like they have done every Wednesday for the past four years. Unfortunately music isn’t allowed in the communal lounge.

Steven’s collection of 24 photo albums are in a skip outside the back door.

I walk past a charity shop and all Steven’s DVDs are in the shop window.

The end.

I have this dream at least once a fortnight.


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  1. It’s the issue that doesn’t seem to have a solution – Direct Payments are great but what about when the relative can no longer manage it? It feels like there needs to be a long-term solution. I gather Welsh law is slightly different where its law has Section 16(1) of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 which imposes a duty on local authorities to promote social enterprises, co-operative organisations, co-operative arrangements and third sector organisations to provide care and support and preventative services in their area. This means the potential for families to together develop cooperative arrangements over managing DPs – and some frameworks to enable this as the nLAs have to promote them…. England could do with looking at what’s happening there maybe and see if we could encourage these? I do a very small DP and am lucky enough to have a trusted chairty locally who have said they’ll take it over and ensure it continues as now with the person centrally involved in determining the delivery with the Pa over-seen by me….

  2. Thank you for sharing that.
    My dreams are all different, often about rescuing my son or his being a little boy again, hard to write about, but many of us are probably dreaming all the time.

  3. Pauline Thomas permalink

    That is no dream Mark. It is a bloody nightmare! In fact it is the nightmare that haunts all parents that fear what the state will deem to provide by way of ‘care; to their loved ones once they are no longer able to look after them or when they die.

  4. charm permalink

    Thought my one about lioness’ was bad enough although they do let me pass them. Your dream has to leave the building that’s for sure Mark. Change it, get rid or sack it.

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