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The Hard Drive

July 11, 2017

The only downside of Steven coming off the medication has been that it takes him so much longer to find the words he wants to say. I understand the mechanics. The anti psychotics slowed everything down, making retrieval from his mental hard drive relatively straight forward. Now that he is no longer chemically coshed, everything has sped up and moving at a speed that Steven is unused to.

This morning he called me into the kitchen to have a chat. It took fifteen minutes of thumbing through the files on his hard drive to locate what he wanted to talk about. In that fifteen minutes, he was muttering as he browsed his “language files” and I was fascinated in how things were ordered.

This is how it went:

“Mr Rumpling on his boat in Chigley.

Anastasia with her glasses on.

No, you can’t speak to Uncle Wayne on the phone. Uncle Wayne’s gone fishing.

Anthony Mortimer kicked the candle in the church in Gold.

Ken Barlow’s dog called Eccles.

Jet doesn’t go to Gladiators anymore. Jet’s got a bad neck.

Can’t eat 10 chocolate biscuits. That’s too greedy.

Dr Mo has got bleed on her hands in Holby City.

Alvin Stardust.

Martin Clunes on his motorbike with Churchill.

Gareth Gates looks like Logan in the gym.

Get some Fruit Pastilles in Jay’s shop on Friday.

Harold Melvin’s got very big hair.


That was it. One of the support workers is on holiday this week in Babbacombe. Steven was excited about this and wanted to share the connection he’d made.

But what a journey through the hard drive to reach that point.


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  1. Fantastic!!

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