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Deprived of Liberty In A Yellow Mini

July 20, 2017

Another day and another dreadful example of Steven being deprived of his liberty.

Today’s DoL took place at the Motor Museum:








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  1. This is its own comment but illustrates so well how ludicrous bureaucratic solutions are. It’s not clear to me that DOLs does actually safeguard. with all the spend on this, contracting, commissioning, monitoring, inspecting, safeguarding… is there any evidence that this does the job? What could be bought with all this resource such as independent advocate friends authorised specifically to keep an eye? Photos are the best record of how someone feels about their support or supervised activities! You can’t make-up the expressions on someone’s face but as we know records can be doctored…

  2. Frannie permalink

    Love it.

  3. No words needed – happy faces say it all!

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