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Compulsive Viewing

August 6, 2017

Whilst flicking through my copy of TV Quick earlier, I noticed that there is now a whole channel devoted to all things social care. You can only receive transmission in Cromer and only then, if you dangle your TV aerial over a pregnant hamster sitting on the roof of your garden shed. But what a treat from all Cromerains.

Here is today’s schedule:

9am:             Placements Under The Hammer

9.30am:         Men Behaving Challengingly

(Gary and Tony get up to laddish high jinx in their supported living unit)

10.15am:        The Secret Person Centred Plan of Adrian Mole.

11.15am:          Deal or No Personal Budget

(Noel offers service users to double their indicative budgets or leave with nothing)

12.30pm:          The Great British Risk Assessment

2.00pm:            The Sunday Film: Four Weddings & A Care Treatment Review

4.30pm:             Ever Decreasing Circles of Support

5.00pm:             Little Hub On The Prairie

5.30pm:              Antique’s Pathway.

6.00pm:              Britain’s Got Measurable Outcomes

7.00pm:             Only Fools & Vanguards

7.30pm:              Have I Got One Page Profiles For You

8.00pm:              Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Responsible Clinician.

9.00pm:               The Wheeltappers & Shunters Day Centre

10.00pm:             Whose Best Interests Is It Anyway?

10.30pm:              Strictly Come Safeguarding

11.30pm:              Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Change Champions.



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  1. Pauline Thomas permalink

    Mark you have done it again! Brilliant stuff. Ever thought of being a stand up comedian at the Apollo?

  2. weary mother permalink

    From far left of field..but:

    I went to a carpet shop to buy a stair carpet recently.
    I chose the carpet, agreed a price.

    I went to pay for said carpet – and got a bill that was well over three times the cost of the small piece of carpet.

    There was cost of carpet – tick
    Expectation I would pay for fitting….tick

    Then the actual cost :
    Carpet delivery – ‘HOW MUCH’ !
    Old stair carpet removal – ‘HOW MUCH’ !
    Stair carpet laying – BLOOMING HELL – THAT MUCH
    And lots and lots of other on costs

    I then had/endured a long debate around the folly of me wanting to pay cash – for – apparently – in my interest to have 4 years ‘free’ credit.

    Back in the day we/I went to the carpet shop in the high Street and chose a carpet – (paid the bill in cash after fitting) – and the carpet laying man employed and trained from a boy by said shop – (my uncle George) would turn up – and fit the carpet. Job done.

    Now the carpet seller is just a broker for a finance company and it’s shareholders and many contractors – with every inch on the transaction done by a different company. My need for a little bit of carpet just a gravy chain for a string of service providers all raking in a bit…with the actual job of doing done by people on a pittance.

    All this to exploit for profit ..poor and vulnerable people who have no power or choice.

    Another parallel…for…. ?

    I declined.

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