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The Broccoli’s In The Bin

October 13, 2017

Something rather wonderful was suggested on Twitter this morning. Inspired by yesterday’s post “The Advocacy Games”, @ChoiceAdvocacy put forward the idea that we need a new metaphor to call out the spin of social care. A 2017 version of “Hey, the king’s not wearing any clothes”. The suggestion was that we adopt Steven’s response when he exposed the lie of the Unit’s food logging system:

“The broccoli is in the bin”.

Don’t get involved in a debate with the spinner. Disengage from the nonsense. Just simply tweet back, “Lol. The broccoli is in the bin”.

There were two fantastic examples of where this response would be the perfect reply earlier. The only reply, frankly.

There seems to be a gamut of social care conferences this week. It’s impossible to keep up. I saw a tweet from one where the delegates were assembling for a “Keeping it Real” plenary. I have a small tip for the organisers – your client’s lives are very real. It’s when you come along that they become unreal. Take Steven’s Community DoL. What could be more real than a man going off to Brighton with his mates to have a swim and meet up with an old friend? Just imagine a quaint version of Quadrophenia. In the eyes of the state, that trip, because it involved support workers amongst the Brighton bathers, constitutes Steven being deprived of his liberty. Perhaps the conference session should be titled, “Turning the Real into the Unreal”.

“Lol. The broccoli is in the bin”.

A quick scroll down by Twitter timeline and another conference, another tweet: “There is a long way to go before service users and their families accept partnership working”. Oi, Mr Tweeter. Families don’t want partners. Whatever happened to Munby’s famous quote about the state being the servants and not the masters? Partnerships is such a self important idea. When these people are in their own homes and their toilet floods, do they consider themselves in partnership with the plumber? It’s making out a level of input that is far more valuable than it really is. What do we want? We want you to provide services and we want you to provide the money to pay for the support. That’s it. Off you go now. Thanks.

“Lol. The broccoli is in the bin”.

Not a day goes by without an NHS Leaders conference. They always come up with prime material for the nation’s new catchphrase. Here’s just two from this week:

A call for “Disruptive Innovators”. Or it could have been “Innovative Disrupters”. I’ve forgotten already.

How about the great and the good going through a “Leadermorphis”? Altogether now….

“Lol. The broccoli is in the bin”.

If you’re actually in the same room and hear one of these gems, you need to act out the “Lol”. Bend double. Clutch your sides. Wipe your eyes. Impersonate the laughing policeman. Much more satisfying than debating the finer points of Leadermorphis.

If the disruptive innovator gets pissed off by your collapse into mirth, just say, “Look. We’re a partnership. I see our partnership along the same lines as Morecombe and Wise. You’re Eric, the comedian and I’m Ernie and my job is to crack up at your jokes”.

All catchphrases have to start somewhere. Even Bruce had to work his “Nice to see you, to see you nice” before it caught on.

Steven is watching.


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One Comment
  1. Frannie permalink

    Love it !
    I can’t get over the number of meetings retelling stories being listened to reinventing the wheel at such expense and little seems to change for so many dudes

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