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Talking Sense

November 3, 2017

I don’t normally do plugs on this blog. Well, apart from plugs for my own shit and there’s plenty of that sort of plugging on here.

I’ve started to follow the most amazing podcasts. They are the work of Tom Ryan (Connor Sparrowhawk’s younger brother) and a couple of his mates.

I’m slightly uncomfortable writing too much about them for fear of coming across as patronising old geezer.

However, I get invited to many professional conferences and the clarity of thought and the uncorrupted language in these podcasts blows any “professional” conference debate off the pitch.

So, if you want to get inspired and get your brain juices flowing, put the kettle on, dig out the Jaffa Cakes and listen to three spot on dudes hanging out.


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  1. Frannie permalink

    I agree
    Have circulated info widely

  2. Frannie permalink

    I have circulated info widely as Adam and Tom so know what they are talking about.
    Have also forwarded it with your blog for NICE to look at as they are writing guidelines for LD service design and delivery for those with LD and behaviours that challenge

  3. Agree. Excellent listening to these (not old) men speaking in a way that we rarely hear. I’ve lost my ability to communicate over the years, but they certainly haven’t.
    I thought 3 were speaking, not 2.

  4. kate permalink

    maybe i am just too old, afraid they lost me!!!! But brilliant and different ways to get people talking and thinking. Credit to them!

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