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Could It Be Forever?

January 1, 2018

Determined to be a bit more upbeat after yesterday’s sad post.

For Christmas I got a copy of the Boys Book of Knowledge annual from the year I was born (1959). Amongst its many joys is a section on how to construct your own time machine. It tempts the boys with the premise of flying forward to 1982. Disappointingly it doesn’t prepare boys for an encounter with Duran Duran. I’m no expert on time machines but the article does seem over reliant on cardboard and “pieces of wire you will find in your father’s workbox”. But I’m prepared to give it a go. I don’t have a workbox ( I don’t remember my father having one either) but I’ve smashed up an old toaster to collect the necessary wires. I need to pull my finger out because I need the time machine to be assembled by Wednesday. Then I can transport myself to Tuesday 17th and all the repair work at Steven’s house will be complete. Also, by then, we’ll be deep into January and the annual anxiety about being taken away will have started to fade.

As I wrote yesterday, Steven wants to “live in the Cowley house forever”. Forever? It’s a tricky prospect at the best of times but when you’re learning disabled your “forever” is so reliant on other people. It’s probably better to focus on the next week rather than on forever.

One thing that 2017 showed was that there is no reason why Steven shouldn’t get his forever wish. He’s blossomed in his own home. My favourite memories of the year are the smiles of utter contentment.

Here are some forever moments from 2017:



thumbnail (2)


thumbnail (1)





20170921_122455 (1)



photo (12)



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  1. kate permalink

    What a wonderful start to the year to log on and see such a fabulous array of memories! I hope you get them and other memory photos printed and enshrined in documents that have to stay with any “official” documents and that it is clearly spelled out in any official documents that these must remain with them. And painful as it was for S to list all his forever wishes, what an amazing man to list them all with such utter determination despite his emotional turmoil. That takes courage. And the man he trusts to be there to listen! I hope the forever wishes are documented and protected in the same way. Make sure memory photos are looked at and forever wishes are talked through at all “official” meetings before you allow them to get down to their own agenda!
    The photos have brightened my day! Thank you…..

  2. judyb permalink

    Beautiful pictures. A joy o see.

  3. David permalink

    Steven’s looking very good and healthy, he’s lost a lot of weight now he’s stopped his unrequired medications. It’s terribly sad that 2010 and Whistler’s Mother et al have managed to destroy what should be a happy time (Christmas & New Year) and left so much destruction nearly a decade later in it’s wake.

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