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CaminoLB @ Cowley

January 18, 2018

I’ve had a little idea.

Anybody want to join in?

In the autumn of 2016, the Justice for LB crew did the Camino walk. Sara, George, Alicia, the My Life My Choice gang and several other campaign supporters did the inspirational walk to honour Connor and all those other people who have died preventable deaths. The daily updates, the photos, the stories certainly made the heart sing.

From 31st March to 14th April the Justice for LBers are off to Spain again to complete another phase of the Camino walk.

This morning Alicia tweeted that someone who is unable to go to Spain wanted to support the campaign and suggested a local walk to them during the big fortnight.

I thought this sounded a brilliant idea and said that I would like to do a #CaminoLB@Cowley. As the day has progressed, I thought it would be quite powerful to do a walk from Steven’s house to the ATU that he was detained in during 2010. It’s not very far actually so decided to take the long route via the canal towpath.

Wouldn’t it be great if any day during the fortnight supporters did a similar walk in their area? A walk from your home to the nearest ATU. A photo at the beginning and a photo at the destination? To

Who is in?

UPDATE (19th January)

I’ve received some feedback expressing the fear that if the destination of the walks are ATUs, this may piss the ATU off and this could lead to negative repercussions for the person detained. I do understand that fear and it came up often during the 7 Days of Action campaign. At the same time though I can’t recall seeing any evidence that there are better outcomes for families that don’t speak out about their experience.

Walking to an ATU is just one suggestion. If people are interested in taking part to honour those who’ve died preventable deaths, the walk can be to anywhere.

For me, the most important thing is to show solidarity with the #CaminoLB walkers.


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  1. I can’t walk at the moment because of pain, and our ATU’s closed down, but I’d love to have a support group of families do something together as it’s the thing we need. Great idea to follow our children’s journeys in some other way, and connect with each other. A movement.

  2. lisa permalink

    We would be up for it. FF2016 id too love to have a support group of families to do something together with, how can we do this?

    • Don’t know, Lisa, but good to read your message.
      I remember some parent groups I used to go to that were wonderful and emotionally uplifting – they weren’t ATU-related – just worried college parents of young people with disabilities – I always felt not alone.
      Sara Ryan’s walk is great, and local groups are great for those who can’t travel.
      Even a few parents or families meeting is a good start, to share what we went through and keep each other strong.

  3. simone aspis permalink

    why in span – could not it be done in the UK so that we can get DPAC and other DPOs involved – I would love to do it – remember those who are still surviving ATUs.

  4. simone aspis permalink

    Sorry I did not release you meant in the UK – Please give the details and I get DPAC to do something – We could do a walk in a DPAC fashion from A to ATU.

  5. Trevor Richards permalink

    Hi Mark,

    We live fairly close to you and would like to do the walk, depending on what day and start time. Due to our son’s autism.

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