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Every Picture Tells A Story

March 17, 2018

I mentioned on social media the other day that I have brought Steven a massive monster DVD package for his birthday. It is a 6 disc box set put together by the Arts & Humanities Council and features their 200 best UK music videos of all time.

Adopting a slightly smaller scale, Steven and I have just put together a list of our top 12 music videos of all time. They are in no particular order although you can have a wager at the end which is Steven’s favourite and which is mine. Some of the songs won’t feature on our top favourite songs list of all time but we like the videos.

Off we go.

“Madonna. We don’t play with knives. This is your final warning”

“Oh Gordon Bennett. Chris Martin, you don’t drive your car backwards. Take your silly head off”

“Paul Simon – that man’s got your voice in his mouth. Ask him to give it back nicely”

This next video scares the shit out of me but Steven likes it because it’s got lots of “cheeky monkeys” in it

“Jackki Abbott’s playing hide and seek in the cupboard. Like Steven Neary when he was in Gilbert Best’s class”

After Steven saw this video it made such an impression on him that we had to sing it each time we went in a public toilet. I raised a safeguarding alert and we don’t do that any more:

“Bono. We don’t play at airports. Do you want the airplane to knock your head off?”

“Keep going Fran. Do your exercising and you’ll be all fitter like Steven Neary”

“Want to see Norman Cook’s face. can’t see Norman Cook’s face”

“Siobhan want’s to take John up the big stairs to heaven. Like Grisabella Cat in Cats”

“Richard Ashcroft – we don’t walk on cars. You might fall off the roof and lorry might run you over”

“Tom. Bowls are for goldfish. Not for men’s heads”


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  1. Deb Oliveri permalink

    Absolute magic choices.!!!

  2. Marie Strawberry permalink

    Has Steven asked for a disco ball in his lavvy yet? 😛

  3. You can call me Al is a great choice, but no Sledgehammer? No Take on me? Shocked, I tell you! What does Steven say to those two? “Silly Peter, chickens don’t dance!” “That’s silly speak, people don’t jump into magazines!”? I’d love to know.

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