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April 26, 2018

I had one of my recurring dreams last night. Although the setting and the plot changes, there is always a familiar encounter that carries an important message.

In last night’s dream, I was attending a meeting at a classic town hall. I was in the grand council chamber and browsing the artefacts before the meeting commenced. On a side table sat a candlestick. But as I looked at it, I noticed it was actually a scroll. And I instantly recognised the scroll. It was one that I was charged with delivering over 800 years ago. I picked it up to read it and a council official intervened and said, “It’s not yours Sir. Can you put it back please”.

I know there is a key message in there but my reaction on waking was – “Give me a break. Not another sodding scroll”.

Yesterday I went with Alicia Wood to a meeting with the Equality & Human Rights Commission and Liberty. We were seeking their input (backing?) into the ATU scandal and wanted their view on focusing on the human rights breaches in being detained. The meeting went astonishingly well. We talked about the EHRC taking a group action either against a particular provider or against a commissioning body. For once, the families wouldn’t have to take the lead. The commission would bring the case. We talked about them carrying out an investigation into the human rights abuses. That is a possibility. They asked about whether there would be another 7 Days of Action campaign as they felt the previous campaigns had been very effective.

And they asked what the next steps are going to be with LBBill. It was quite a shock. I’ve never seen the Bill as being dead but have been at a total loss about how to move it beyond the brick wall. Hearing their enthusiasm for LBBill, it was like – “Whoosh. Oh hello Bill. You’re back again”.

My gut tells me that the scroll has something to do with LBBill. Or perhaps vise versa. It’s an ancient scroll. I suspect it may go back to Magna Carta. I remembered at the meeting that the EHRC made an independent submission in Steven’s case, seven years ago. We are connected through time.

I couldn’t sleep last night as I felt too buzzy after the meeting. I phoned my friend and she reminded me that LBBill doesn’t have ego attached to it. It’s never been about brand promotion. It’s not about the careers or image of any of the contributors. We and the 100s of people who fed into the Bill are just a channel.

That’s why LBBill refuses to die.


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