The Boys Are Back In Town

I spent the morning with Steven. It was a fortnight ago today we last hung out together. The plan, pre heart attack, was to meet up last Saturday but everyone felt, post heart attack, that I needed a bit more time.

I arrived just as Steven was getting out of the bath. I think he broke his allcomers record for getting dressed and having breakfast. He had two week’s worth of conversations to catch up on.

First up, and in preparation for his DVD viewing this afternoon, he wanted to talk about every track on his Culture Club Greatest Hits collection. Not only does this entail naming every song but describing what Boy George and Jon were wearing in each video.

Then we moved on to the “daily photo” which is where Steven takes one snap out of an album and provides a running commentary of every detail in the photo. Today’s choice at face value was a picture of me and Steven sitting on the floor of the living room watching the Exciting Escapades of Mr Bean. Once we’ve gone through what we’re all wearing his attention turns to the videos and books on the bookshelf and we have to name every one. I can sometimes push my luck and when we get to about the 30th video, I say “Oh, I don’t know that one” and we move on to what items of food are sitting on the dining room table.

After a break for a drink, I’m summoned into the kitchen as Steven has moved on to his lookalikes game and wants my opinion on who each member of Boyzone resemble amongst the staff at Moorcroft school. (In case you’re interested, Keith Duffy looks like Steven’s classroom assistant from Class 2, Phil Green, purely on account of him having a pony tail).

Another break for a pee and Steven tells me his joke of the day: “Dad. Morning is broken. That’s a silly song Dad. You can break a plate but you can’t break a morning”.

I pottered back home and haven’t moved off the sofa since. All of those conversations took place standing up. I haven’t done much conversing or standing up for the past 12 days. I put the TV on but even Escape To The Country was over stimulating so I laid flat out and watched a bargee attend to his parbuckles. I couldn’t summon up the energy to do anything more.

It was nice to be back. And we haven’t got on to discussing Christmas yet.


2 thoughts on “The Boys Are Back In Town”

  1. So glad your recovering well , but still take it easy and try rest when you can. Love the blog posts when it’s about what you and Steven get up to there always so nice to read

  2. It’s five days since you wrote your blog above, so it may be you’re resting well.

    I wanted to share the link below regarding recent news stories about people with LD, as a friend just sent it and I think it identifies real prejudice towards our sons and daughters who are only asserting their needs, which experts do understand but don’t address in a time-sensitive way, and that’s putting it mildly.
    There always seem to be people targetted for neglect in society, but perpetrators being exposed seems to be the only way of addressing, as complaints that aren’t seen by anyone achieve little.

    I sometimes meet sex offenders in rehab settings in my work with CQC, and I honestly believe their treatment is more person-centred and activity-focussed than our people who are simply often in fight or flight mode when very stressed and need people who love them and meaningful activity more than anyone.
    And parents supply the best expertise, although anything on top of that which enhances a life is all most of us ever asked for.

    Anyway, hope you’re getting stronger and recharging. Not the sort of break you had in mind, but this health problem seems now sorted.

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