A very quick story from the day the Government published the latest Leder (mortality review) report and the CQC report into restraint and seclusion in ATUs.

It’s been 9 years since Steven was in an ATU. Nine years since of being in his own home. Being loved. Being encouraged. Growing confidence. Growing independence. Maturity. Wisdom. Cracking humour.

This happened less than 2 hours ago:

Steven was in the kitchen. He opened the fridge door and a bag of tomatoes fell out. They rolled across the kitchen floor.

From the hall I could hear him getting agitated as he picked them up but still tried to reassure himself:

“Don’t worry Steven Neary. It’s alright Steven Neary. You’re not going on a long break to M House. Steven Neary can stay in the Cowley house forever and ever. You’re a good man Steven Neary”.

Nine years. Still scars. Never totally reassured.

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