What Makes A Man

Here is a good example of how Steven likes to build a solid back story to a song lyric or a line from a film. Give him a lyric that fires his imagination and he runs with it.

It’s also a good example of how you have to be mentally bolt upright from first thing in the morning in order to play along with the fantasy. This conversation happened at 7 o’clock this morning. I was just waking from a dream that had echoes of the music video for Hello, with me playing the Lionel Ritchie part, but Kim Wilde playing the part of the blind student. Anyway, the door was flung open and Steven burst in, grinning and proclaiming “Westlife.”

Just a tiny bit of background information before I launch into Steven’s story. On the 2000 edition of Christmas Top of The Pops, hosted by Sara Cox, Richard Blackwood and Jamie Theakston, Westlife performed their number two hit, “What Makes A Man.” The hosts were a bit cruel, mocking Westlife for being pipped to the Christmas number one by Bob the builder.

“Dad. Westlife.”

“Westlife mate?”

“Westlife sang What Makes A Man on Christmas Top of the Pops.”

“Oh yes. Westlife was singing What Makes A Man on Christmas Top of the Pops.”

“Shane was singing, I swear I won’t cry.”

“That’s right. Shane was singing I swear I won’t cry.”

“Shane was crying because Kian Egan shouted at Shane with his loud voice.”

“Oh dear. Why did Kian Egan shout at Shane with his loud voice?”

“Kian Egan shouted because Shane was swearing. Mark gave Shane a tissue to wipe away his tears.”

“What was Shane swearing?”

“Shane was swearing; that fucking Richard Blackwood has eaten all the Christmas Cheeselets.”

“That was disgusting of Shane to swear and disgusting of Richard Blackwood to eat all the Christmas Cheeselets.”

Long pause.

“Steven Neary’s going back to bed.”

1 thought on “What Makes A Man”

  1. Steven has an amazing mind. His imagination should be harnessed. He should and could have been a great storyteller. What incredible patience you have Mark to have nurtured this gift in Steven.

    To think Steven nearly would have been locked away in some institution miles away from you and his home if the local authority who were supposed be working in Steven’s best interests had succeeded in sending Steven miles away from you. Thank god you won!

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