Bob & Marcia

Yesterday’s compilation tape turned into one of those magical moments that make one’s soul feel like dancing.

I’ve been struggling for a couple of days that another piece of magic had become tainted for me. Regular readers will know that I’m a complete anorak about open air swimming pools. It’s that time of year when all the lidos are opening up for the summer season. There are some wonderful photos being posted. Newly painted, some of the blues are truly beautiful. Archive photos from the 1940s of young men and women, now long dead but looking full of beans in the snaps, performing spectacular stunts from the top diving board. Like the geek that I am I’ve been retweeting many of these photos and to one of them, got the following response – “You need to acknowledge your male privilege. Many people can’t go to these places because of misogyny”. I didn’t know how to respond so I didn’t. A couple of hours later, the person followed up with – “Don’t ignore me you shit. You can’t defend the indefensible”. And that was that. A little bit of magic (for me) with a dagger plunged into it.

Steven chose an eclectic mix for his compilation tape. David Bowie, Seal, Bucks Fizz. And Bob & Marcia. He loves that song. Everytime he plays it he acts out a scene from Men Behaving Badly involving Gary and Les the barman:

Les: “I know a song that could have been written about me”.

Gary: “What’s that? Dancing Queen?”

Les: “No. Young, Gifted and Black”.

Gary: “Les, you’re not young, gifted or black”.

And then Steven collapses on the sofa, almost asthmatic with laughter. It’s very infectuous.

Whilst we were doing the tape, Keith, the man from next door was mowing his lawn. He was enjoying the soundtrack to his gardening endeavours. He started singing along to Young Gifted and Black. This sent Steven’s joy into the stratosphere. He loves it when someone shows an interest in something he enjoys. It’s called connections. He opened the window and called out, “Hello man. Steven Neary and man are doing good Bob and Marcia singing”. Massive magic.

Later I sat down to write the report for Steven’s six monthly appointment with the LD psychiatrist. I wrote about his maturity. I wrote about his skill in managing his sensory overload. I wrote about his growing confidence in making choices. I considered writing about Bob & Marcia. I didn’t because I’m not sure the psychiatrist understands magic.

So I wrote this blog instead.



1 thought on “Bob & Marcia”

  1. Well that was a magical blog for me! I am neither male nor privileged but I have been to and enjoyed some outdoor pools/lidos in my time. You have drawn a much more idyllic and enjoyable picture for me though than I have ever conjured up in my own memories! Thank you for that. I can see all the sun rays on swirling colour blues now (instead of plasters and litter!). And you and S have put Bob and Marcia in my head. Love it! What a memory. With all the racism that seems to be blossoming around the country, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you and Steven caused the nation to wander round this week, shopping, mowing the lawn, getting the bus, all while singing the lyrics to Young, Gifted and Black. That would be pure magic! I will make sure to sing it wherever I go this week! It might rid me of Duke of Earl !!
    As for the abuse you received, so sorry someone took out their distress on you. Really odd that they should think “you need” to acknowledge anything. Let’s hope you have placed a joyful song in their head too! The only privilege I am aware that you have is that you are you and you have your tenacity and passion for what is fair/right/just and you have Steven in your world and he has you!

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